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Man sentenced for 2014 crime spree
August 11, 2015

“I’ll kill you.”


Those were the chilling words Bryian Fips uttered to a woman as he put a handgun to her neck and robbed her of her car and belongings.


That victim was just one of seven people victimized by Fips’ crime spree in September of 2014.


“The defendant is a violent criminal who preys on women as his targets,” said Assistant Circuit Attorney Jennifer Matthew. “He has stolen their money, purses, phones, vehicles and most importantly, their peace of mind.”


ACA Matthew said Fips committed some of his crimes in broad daylight while the victims were outside their homes or workplaces. It is likely, she said, that he laid in wait for victims who were alone or appeared to be more vulnerable.


Fips made numerous references to gang activity and violence on his public social media site.


For this and other reasons, ACA Matthew recommended Fips serve 20 years in prison.


A judge sentenced Fips to 18 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections. 

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