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Statement from Circuit Attorney Jennifer M. Joyce regarding incident at her home on May 19, 2015
May 20, 2015

Statement from Circuit Attorney Jennifer M. Joyce:


The events at my home last night were far from what could be described as a "peaceful" protest. More than 40 people came to a quiet, residential area at an inappropriate hour of the night, during a time when children were sleeping and families were resting. They pounded on my door and they rang the doorbell over and over again. They brought with them items intended for destruction of property, such as spray paint. They repeatedly screamed extreme profanities.


My actions in this office have not, and will never be guided by public pressure, fear or favor. I understand that, as an elected official, my decisions will not please everyone.  I accept that as a part of doing this job.  However, my neighbors had nothing to do with this decision and yet their peace and safety were placed at risk last night.  I sincerely appreciate the rapid response of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and their efforts to keep this community safe.


As I said Monday, I am deeply saddened over the loss the Myers family has experienced. Prosecutors in my office have been in frequent contact with the private attorney hired by the Myers family. On multiple occasions, we have indicated to him my willingness to meet with the family to discuss any of their concerns. Additionally, yesterday we told the Myers' family attorney our prosecutors would happily sit down with him and a representative from the protest group.


This morning, we repeated our invitation for a meeting.


So far, all of those offerings have been unanswered or declined.


I have spoken with the NAACP, city aldermen, state representatives and several other community leaders since the release of this report. None has expressed questions or concerns regarding the report or the incident.


I ask that, because these issues are of paramount importance, citizens should read the detailed report our office provided regarding this officer-involved shooting. You can find that report, by clicking here.


Finally, I want to underline one critical point: attempts to sway me from my legal, ethical and moral duties will remain unsuccessful.

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