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Man charged for multiple carjackings, robberies
January 12, 2015

Language from the Probable Cause statement: The defendant approached A.D. in the Schnuck’s parking lot and displayed a gun. He told her to get out of her Hyundai Elantra or he would shoot her. A.D. complied with the defendant’s demand and the defendant drove away in her vehicle. The defendant approached S.M. as she was getting out of her Kia Forte. The defendant displayed a gun and demanded she get out of her vehicle. S.M. complied with the defendant’s demand and then defendant then drove away in her vehicle.  A week later the defendant drove with another individual to a parking lot in the 4700 block of McPherson with the intention of committing a robbery. The defendant remained in the car while the other individual got out of the car and approached J. S. with a gun. At gunpoint, the other individual demanded J.S.’ vehicle to which she complied. The other individual drove away in the J. S.’ Toyota Corolla. J. M. parked her Pontiac G6 on the parking lot of her residence. She started her Pontiac G6, left it running and returned to her residence. When she returned to get in it, it was gone. She did not give permission to anyone to take her car. The defendant admitted to taking her Pontiac G6 without her permission. The defendant drove that Pontiac G6 down the street where he saw A.A. placing items in her vehicle. The defendant pulled up and pretended to ask for directions. The defendant then displayed a gun to A.A. and demanded her purse. A.A. complied with that request and gave the defendant her purse and its contents. Later that day A.M. was delivering food and left his Honda Accord on the street. He returned to his car to find it had been taken without his permission. The defendant admitted to taking A.M.’s car without his permission. Three days later K.S. was getting out of her vehicle to walk to her residence. The defendant approached her and displayed a gun. The defendant demanded her purse and phones to which she complied. The defendant while acting with another person approached M.R. and D.T. as they were getting into M.R.’s Jeep Compass. M.R.’s juvenile nieces were also getting into the car. D.T.’s newborn baby was in a car seat in the back seat. The other individual demanded the car while displaying a gun at M.R. The defendant stood at the passenger door and removed items from the car. D.T. asked the defendant for permission to remove her baby from the back of the vehicle. As she did so the defendant got into the vehicle and they drove away. K.C. was scraping snow off of her Ford Fusion. The defendant approached and demanded her vehicle. The defendant kept his hands in his pocket so K.C. was concerned he may be armed so she complied. During the course of arresting the defendant he was found driving K.C.’s Ford Fusion. 


*Charges are only accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until the defendant is either found guilty or has pleaded guilty.

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