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Three men convicted in 'murder-for-hire'
October 03, 2014

Friday afternoon, jurors in St. Louis found three men guilty of a murder-for-hire scheme that ended a woman’s life.


Leon Moss, Christopher Spates and Donald White were convicted on one count each of first-degree murder and armed criminal action.


In August 2011, Moss, Spates and White conspired to kill Moss’ ex-girlfriend. The woman was scheduled to testify against Moss in an assault case within a week of her murder. Moss faced up to ten years in prison for that case.


Evidence at trial showed that Moss agreed to pay $10,000 in exchange for killing the woman. Spates was captured on camera as he shot the woman 11 times at point-blank range. White helped to facilitate the crime and destroy evidence.


The three men are set to be sentenced on November 20th

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