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Repeat offender sentenced for robbing, shooting woman
July 22, 2014

Ten days. That’s how long Vincent Newman was out of prison before robbing a woman and shooting her in the face. Now, he’s going back to prison for 20 years.



It happened in October 2012. A young woman had just stepped off a bus and was walking to her mom’s house in the Compton Heights neighborhood. Newman approached her from behind.



She tried to run, but tripped on her flip-flops. Newman demanded her purse. He took her phone, her tablet, and her cash. She gave him everything. Yet, Newman shot her and took off running.



“The defendant could have easily just walked away after committing the robbery,” Assistant Circuit Attorney Steve Capizzi said in court documents. “Instead, he chose to shoot the victim while she was helpless on the ground.”



The bullet went through the victim's arm and into her cheek. Scars remain on her arms and face from the bullet.



The victim reported the incident to police. Officers identified Newman as the suspect. The victim’s phone was found inside the home where he was arrested.



On May 1, 2014, Newman was convicted on all counts by a jury. 



ACA Capizzi recommended that Newman serve life in prison.



A judge sentenced him to a total of 20 years.



For more information on his criminal background, click here. 

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