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Man who exposed himself to six children pleads guilty
June 10, 2014

Lavon Denkins exposed himself to a group of children and motioned for one of the young girls to come toward him.


Monday, he pleaded guilty to the crimes.


In June of 2013, Denkins was living in the 4900 block of Winona in the South Hampton neighborhood. He was on his front porch while a group of six children were playing outside next door. Denkins exposed himself to the children and motioned for one of the girls to come forward. Thankfully, a 19-year-old saw what was happening through the kitchen window and rushed to get her siblings safely inside.


It was not Denkins’ first time commiting sex crimes in public. He has two prior convictions for second-degree sexual misconduct, one in St. Louis County and another in the City of St. Louis. In that case, he exposed himself and performed a lewd act inside a local hospital.


Now, with this recent plea, Assistant Circuit Attorney Anna Kratky has ensured Denkins will have to register as a sex offender for these crimes upon his release from prison.


Denkins could face up to seven years behind bars for each of the six counts of felonies against him.


He will be sentenced before Judge Michael Mullen on July 25. 

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