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Freddie Potts sentenced to prison
June 09, 2014

A repeat offender who tried to shoot a man has been sentenced.


On Aug. 28, 2012, Freddie J. Potts aimed a gun at B.B.’s head in the Patch neighborhood and told him he would kill him. B.B. ran and the defendant shot the gun. As officers attempted to arrest Potts, he ran. Once Potts was apprehended, he punched one of the officers in her eye.


In March 2014, a jury found Potts guilty of first-degree assault, second-degree assault of an officer and resisting arrest.


Potts has a long criminal history including assault, sex, and gun charges.


The Circuit Attorney’s Office recommended Potts spend 15 years in prison for the shooting.


Friday, a judge sentenced him to two five year sentences to be served back-to-back.


Potts is now being sent to the Missouri Department of Corrections to serve his time. 



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