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Man who killed one person and injured another in separate incidences sentenced to 9 years
April 07, 2014

He killed a person in his car while driving almost 100 miles per hour.


Then, eight months after receiving probation, he hit an 11-year-old with his car. Now, he’s going to prison for his crimes.


Vincent Thompson has been sentenced to a total of nine years in prison.


On June 8, 2011, Thompson was driving along the 4000 block of Labadie. He accelerated far beyond the 25 mph speed limit. Past 50 mph. Even past 75. At 94 mph, he crashed.


The man in the passenger seat died from trauma to the brain. Blood tests revealed Thompson had both alcohol and marijuana in his system.


The judge considered a variety of sentences, but Thompson pleaded for a second chance. He knew that if he got in trouble with the law again, he could go to prison. At the sentencing in summer of 2012, the judge also ordered Thompson to get a job, submit regular drug and alcohol tests, and pay into a fund for victims.


Fast forward just eight months to Easter Sunday 2013. Eleven-year-old N.K. was leaving the McDonald’s on Natural Bridge and Kingshighway with friends.


A car swerved around traffic and hit N.K. in the street. The driver sped away. But tipsters told detectives it was Thompson who did it. Thompson later told officers that his cigarette fell into his lap, his foot hit the gas, and he hit the girl. He said he drove off because he was scared.


Thompson was sentenced to five years for hitting N.K. and leaving the scene. He has also been sentenced to four additional years after having his probation revoked on the earlier crime.


“N.K. has physically recovered from her injuries, but what happened to her was extremely traumatic,” said ACA Madeline Connolly. “This defendant was a very real threat to the community and we feel it is appropriate for him to spend time in prison." 

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